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We invite you to explore the Lifespan Certified Program and discover the transformative opportunities it offers.

Whether you have a groundbreaking product or a pioneering work, our program is designed to elevate your endeavors and amplify your impact.

Join us in shaping the future of human health and wellbeing through responsible and impactful biohacking.

Together, let's push the boundaries of what's possible and create a world where innovation and longevity thrive.

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“Being Lifespan Certified brings peace of mind and credibility to our customers. We recommend to anyone wanting to do it”.


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Why should you get Lifespan Certified™ ?

Emphasizing Scientific Validations

Your company showcases its commitment to credible biohacking through our certification process, emphasizing scientific validation and ethical standards, gaining trust and positioning as a pioneer in responsible, impactful practices.

Credibility & Recognition

Lifespan Certified partners gain recognition in Biohackers Magazine, reaching a global audience of biohackers and scientists, enhancing your reputation and trust within the community through celebrated innovation.

Fostering a Collaborative Environment

As a Lifespan Certified partner, you join a vibrant network of innovators, gaining access to a collaborative environment that enhances research capabilities and expands your reach, accelerating your growth in the dynamic biohacking community.

Why should you get Lifespan Certified™ ?

Guaranteed Quality

Every Lifespan Certification product is thoroughly tested and evaluated to meet top quality, safety standards.

Expert Endorsement

Our products are endorsed and recommended by leading experts in the biohacking and longevity field

Science backed

Lifespan Certified Products are supported by scientific research and peer-reviewed validation, offering evidence-based effectiveness.

Magazine & Social Media Exposure

1 page article in Biohackers Mag
1 product review on our No Plan B podcast
1 post on our social Medias
1 Online Certificate
Promotion on our Marketplace

The certification team

Team helmed by over ten distinguished scientists and longevity experts, stands as a beacon of credibility in the biohacking realm. Our validation board meticulously ensures that the certification process is deeply rooted in scientific publications and validations.

This rigorous approach guarantees that any product or work that earns our certification not only adheres to the highest ethical standards but also showcases revolutionary potential. When you achieve our certification, you don’t just receive a badge of approval; you earn the unwavering trust and confidence of our vast readership.

This positions your company at the forefront, marking you as a trailblazer in responsible and transformative biohacking practices.